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Arviat (“place of the bowhead whales”) is a small settlement which is situated on the western shores of Hudson Bay, some two hundred miles north of Churchill.

Your first stop in Arviat should be the Margaret Aniksak Visitors Centre. Exhibits include:

  • displays of traditional Inuit life
  • artifacts from the Arvia’juaq archeological site

If you’re lucky, you can meet one of the members of the Arviat Historical Society and have an opportunity to learn more about local traditions and life on the land

The Arviat’s Sivulinut Elders Society offers instruction in string games, throat singing and holds traditional cookouts of caribou heads, hooves, and other delicacies.

Learn How To Build An Igloo
Arviat Igloo Building Project

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis
See the Northern Lights

Red Arctic Char

Arctic Char

Beluga Whale Watching

See pods of Beluga Whales in the bay

Things to do while you’re in Arviat:

  • observe the polar bear migration
  • learn traditional string games
  • see demonstrations of throat singing
  • spend a night in an igloo
  • eat caribou sausage
  • go dog-sledding to the floe edge
  • visit the Kiluk Sewing Centre and see traditional Inuit clothing being created
  • attend the Inuumarutt Music Festival
  • fish for Arctic char
  • attend the Nunavut Dogteam Derby
  • experience the Northern Lights
  • go whale watching for Beluga whales