Barbeque Recipes For Hotels

Are you in the hotel business and need to attract foreign guests to your inn? Apart from excellent customer service and ambiance, the kind of dishes you serve them determines their loyalty. We are living in a digital era; a simple, excellent and unique barbeque dish can be viral posts that get customers to want to identify with your hotel. This is an industry that needs research and patience. Some foreign guests would just love to explore new dishes while others would want to get home food away from home or if there is someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary surprise. This is the reason some of the hotels have a niche Italian hotel, Chinese restaurant, Kenyan in among others. It means they are identifying with foods from a specific location. If you have run out of ideas for barbeque dishes for hotel guests here are a few of them.

Bbq ribs and smoked seafood

There are a group of guests who just love seafood for personal reasons. These also come in different categories based on their host country. It is important as a hotelier to stock the seafood and makes them in order. Seafood has nutritional value especially the rich oils. Your work is to remove the scales- for fishes that have it. Make sure they are dry enough but moist then prepare you to grill at the right temperature and finally place then in an open fire until it turns tender to your satisfaction.

Barbecue chicken marinated with pineapple

This is a complete meal with both proteins and vegetables. Its nutritive value makes it ideal for foreigners who want a taste of sweetness in their meals. The purpose of the fruit is to add flavor to the chicken. You are free to add spices and seasoning to enhance its taste. When you have guests who love chicken and are in a hurry to rush to a meeting; at the same time, you want them to have hands-on experience in real-time cooking of chicken then this is the ultimate solution as a recipe.

Barbecue lamb laced with vegetables

Goat meat is considered a meal for the wild. This is because of its other animal species that are not domesticated. If you love bonny flesh then this is the option for a recipe. If your hotel is located in a game reserve, you may never go wrong with this meal. The fact that it is served with vegetables in season adds value to its impact on the body.

Barbecued burgers

If you are looking for a unique recipe for burgers, then try this out. You will have a taste of toasted bread with meat and vegetables of choice as filling. This is a mouth-watering dish accepted internationally. Its advantage is the short time it takes to prepare. It is the right meal for walk-in guests who are in a hurry and want something not only to quench their thirst but also to make them full.

Grilled and BBQ beef mixed with vegetables

Beef is a common meal globally. Its preparation time is also very short and it can take different shapes and still get a nutritious meal. The inclusion of vegetables on the meal gives it a touch of nature as well as the vitamin content. You are free to choose the vegetable of the season to accompany the meal. If it is a recipe on order, you can appreciate your customers by allowing them to choose the type of vegetable of choice.

Barbequed Pork

It is still a debate about whether pork is white meat or red meat. All in all, it is one meal that when barbequed you are sure most of the unwanted fat content is melted away. If you have the ‘thirst’ for pork then this is the best solution. Just clean it and remove the unwanted parts and allow it to cook in an open fireplace under low heat. Just monitor its progress as you turn it to get the brownish taste.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to barbequed meals. You can decide to make chicken, beef, pork, or lamb for your foreign guests and still have them appreciate your service.